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Who are we

We are LeetGeek, an IT services provider based in Norwood, South Australia that specialize in Mac and PC integration. Despite the fact that we have “Geek” in our company name, we are not an IT franchise for home users and we don’t just work with small businesses. We have won awards both at a state level (FastMovers SA) and a national level (CRN Fast 50, BRW Fast 100) for our consistent growth. This has almost entirely been achieved on a referral basis.

We are fiercely passionate about South Australia and proud members of both Brand South Australia and The Engine Room who both do exceptional work in promoting local businesses.

What we do

We provide tailored solutions to Corporate, Education, Government and Not for Profit clients. Our approach, no matter who the client, is requirements analysis. We don’t lead a discussion with product or services; initial engagements are all about determining what a client needs and just as importantly, does not need.

We don’t believe in “cookie cut” IT or blind faith in single product vendors. It’s not about which product or service is better, the pertinent point is when they are better and LeetGeek help our clients determine this.

What makes us different

Many companies claim to be “different” but we feel that it is important to stand out for the right reasons. We are passionate about customer service and culture. Easy to say, more difficult to implement. Individual sales KPIs on account managers or billable hours targets on engineers creates a dog eat dog environment where clients and staff lose out. That’s not for us. Put simply our goal is to be recognized as the number one place for clients to work with and staff to work for.

Are we just the Mac guys? No. We appreciate good design aesthetics and that’s why you may see a lot of Apple product photos on this site! Check out the partner page to get a better idea of who we work with.


We happily introduce Jason Reeve our Professional Services Manager! Jason has been getting across all aspects of our Professional Services Team from scheduling to training. You will hear more from him over the coming weeks as he co-ordinates different projects and support requests! Congratulations Jason!


Our Staff

Our success has been achieved by the team at LeetGeek. Not just management or sales or engineering but everyone. Every person at LeetGeek is equally important in helping us achieve our goals. We believe in a flat management hierarchy and we are constantly looking for any opportunity we can find to perpetuate a team atmosphere. No one is too important to change a toner cartridge or a bin bag. We are big fans of Tony Hsieh’s Delivering Happiness book and we agree that maintaining a great culture is imperative to ensuring great customer service.

Join the team

We hire for culture first and foremost. It doesn’t matter how technically advanced someone is, if they are not going to fit in with our team and clients then there is little point in continuing discussions.

If you are interested in applying for a role or want to find out more about the culture at LeetGeek, drop us a line at

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